-- easy notepad 09-22-16 --
-- written by dw817 (david w)
-- http://writerscafe.org/dw817

Press (Z) to skip logo.



== p r o g r a m ==

this program is a toto rewrite
of an earlier notepad program
i originally wrote for the
gameboy advance.

because of the limitations in
pico and it being unable to
change the system palette, i am
leaving out the ability to page
watermark that was seen in the
color gba version.


== w h a t's . u p ? ==

+ key (a)+(b) now save. press
(a) first. future release
will bring up menu of opts

+ got control box to move
intelligently if its in the
way of your typing

+ ** hard work! greatly sped up
whole system by only
redrawing when necessary
shouldn't be necessary,
i'm running a quad-core!

+ added keyclick for keypad

? note! i may remove the mary
miss spider vectors in place
of supporting the butterfly
shapes with 22 degree angle

? for now you have 6-keypads
next release will have option
to show basic or advanced

? next release will have true
paintbox - explained later

+ extra chars flag, they only
appear if you trigger them
from the menu

+ fixed error where you could
type over page mark

+ made softer sound for change

+ tricky! got true diagonal
keystrokes working

+ got the hold (b) left+right
working to change font

+ made a retro 'butterfly' for
old-school character doodling

+ made a 'mary miss spider' set
of vertices for later page

+ set it so it only centers
after a keypress on letter
page or digits page

+ beefed up the lowercase width
looks great now for 8x8.


== t o . d o ==

- slideaway menu (a+b)
- save work from menu
- name page
- upper, lower, firstcaps
- left, right, center justify
- pull up, push down
- erase page
- snapshot + develop


Development log


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Hi Steven. The only thing you may be having trouble with is changing font. Press (Z) to bring up the letters. Now, hold in the (X) until two arrows appear on the left and right of the frame. While holding (X) press LEFT or RIGHT to select a new font. Your "Z" is one page to the right.

Thanks for your interest !

Can you write up a small list of instructions? I'm on PC so... I've been able to figure out how to bring up the 'keyboard' and type things, and even erase them, but... fonts? butterflies? spiders? beef? What are these things? I feel like I'm missing out... And how do I type a Z?