-- easy notepad 09-22-16 --
-- written by dw817 (david w)
-- http://writerscafe.org/dw817

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== p r o g r a m ==

this program is a toto rewrite
of an earlier notepad program
i originally wrote for the
gameboy advance.

because of the limitations in
pico and it being unable to
change the system palette, i am
leaving out the ability to page
watermark that was seen in the
color gba version.


== w h a t's . u p ? ==

+ key (a)+(b) now save. press
(a) first. future release
will bring up menu of opts

+ got control box to move
intelligently if its in the
way of your typing

+ ** hard work! greatly sped up
whole system by only
redrawing when necessary
shouldn't be necessary,
i'm running a quad-core!

+ added keyclick for keypad

? note! i may remove the mary
miss spider vectors in place
of supporting the butterfly
shapes with 22 degree angle

? for now you have 6-keypads
next release will have option
to show basic or advanced

? next release will have true
paintbox - explained later

+ extra chars flag, they only
appear if you trigger them
from the menu

+ fixed error where you could
type over page mark

+ made softer sound for change

+ tricky! got true diagonal
keystrokes working

+ got the hold (b) left+right
working to change font

+ made a retro 'butterfly' for
old-school character doodling

+ made a 'mary miss spider' set
of vertices for later page

+ set it so it only centers
after a keypress on letter
page or digits page

+ beefed up the lowercase width
looks great now for 8x8.


== t o . d o ==

- slideaway menu (a+b)
- save work from menu
- name page
- upper, lower, firstcaps
- left, right, center justify
- pull up, push down
- erase page
- snapshot + develop


Published Oct 06, 2016
Tagsdraw-icons, notebook, notepad, text-writer

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