A downloadable mildew

This is an update to the original "Haunted House" game. It now sports a true Windows executable, Macintosh executable, and Linux executable.

Also, high-score is saved to HD now. Compete for highest score.

With 4-levels of play !

[LEVEL 1] ... Very easy, start with 4 candles and bottle, see all ghosts and items at all times no matter the distance [LEVEL 2] ... More challenging, start with 3 candles, must find bottle, ghosts move, can only see them when near [LEVEL 3] ... Still more difficult, start with 2 candles, ghosts move very erratically, can only see them when very close [LEVEL 4] ... Hardest level, infinite time, must use compass and meter as all items are always invisible

(O) and (X) refer to controls, normally a joystick. If you are running this game in Windows, (O) refers to the "Z" or "C" key and (X) refers to the "X" key. These are the only controls outside arrow keys to navigate.

BACKGROUND STORY (included in game)

Old man mildew, a tycoon and billionaire had recently died, and according to his will, had left nothing at all for his relatives. Enraged with these events, they vowed to tear apart his mansion, seeking the treasures he had apparently hidden within. But the spirit of mildew was outraged and angered by this. Rising from the grave, he returned back to his home. once there he apparently did away with all those living who had sought after his immense fortune. 2-days later, you step into the scene. an investigator by trade. you are offered one-million dollars in cash from the last surviving relative. all you need to do is find out what happened to the others by entering the mansion. on the very day of Halloween at 11pm, you enter within the premises. at once you can tell there is no electricity - and no illumination at all for that matter. but you came prepared. you are wearing a special armor that has a force-field charge of 9 to protect you from dangers. you also have in your pack a trusty hurricane lamp and some matches in your pocket to light it. chuckling at the darkness, you reach in your pack to pull the lamp out when suddenly, some unseen force wrenches it from your grip and - horrors - dashes it to the stone floor where it smashes in pieces!

there is a gust of cold air around you and the door behind you clicks locked and closed. then you are greeted to a deep and evil chuckling. it's the spirit of old man mildew himself! he speaks: "welcome traveler. i suppose you have come to try and steal my fortune - just like the the other idiots before you. and you will meet your fate - just like them!" fearfully, you yell back a reply, "I'm only looking for - " but mildew cuts you off. "worry not traveler. your life is not forfeit, not yet! for i enjoy games and i have one for you. find the others if you can, but never touch the walls! never!" "to make it interesting, i give you one hour's time to find the other 12. but after that time, Halloween midnight, you had better be out of my sight and home - or i will deal with you myself - personally!" with that it grows silent and quiet around you. just then a bolt of lightning flickers outside, and for that brief moment - you can see around you - if just for a little bit. you still have your matches too. they can provide some better illumination. press (z) to use one of them. so that is how it will be. you can navigate throughout this haunted house - whenever the lightning flashes or you can strike up a match. that and you are only given a single hour in which to find the 12 others. but for a million dollars, you can put up with this - and vow to accomplish your mission within the time limit that mildew has issued you ... be ready traveler, for your adventure begins now!

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